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8 Best Project Management Software for Nonprofits (Free & Paid)

Discover the top 8 project management software solutions for nonprofits in 2023. Enhance efficiency with tools tailored to meet your unique needs.

Feeling overwhelmed by juggling multiple initiatives at your nonprofit?

You're not alone. Nonprofits often operate with limited resources and passionate volunteers, making project management a constant challenge.

But fear not! The right project management tool can be your secret weapon, streamlining workflows, boosting collaboration, and keeping your mission on track.

In this article, we'll unveil the 8 best project management tools specifically designed to empower nonprofits and transform your operations.

What Is A Project Management Software?

Project management software is your nonprofit's secret weapon for organization and impact. It's a digital tool that helps you:

  • Plan and organize projects: Break down large goals into manageable tasks, set deadlines, and prioritize your workload.‍
  • Boost collaboration: Facilitate communication between team members, volunteers, and donors, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.‍
  • Track progress: Monitor project development in real-time, identify roadblocks early, and keep your team accountable.‍
  • Allocate resources effectively: Assign tasks based on skills and availability, maximizing your team's potential.

In short, project management software brings order to the chaos, empowering your nonprofit to achieve its mission more efficiently and effectively.

Types of Project Management Software

Not all project management software is created equal!

Here's a quick rundown of the different types you might encounter, helping you choose the best fit for your nonprofit's needs:

Traditional Project Management

Ideal for structured projects with well-defined goals and timelines. Offers features like Gantt charts, critical path analysis, and resource allocation.

Agile Project Management

Perfect for dynamic projects where requirements may evolve. Emphasizes flexibility and iterative development with tools like Kanban boards and sprint planning.

Collaborative Project Management

Focuses on communication and teamwork. Makes it easy for team members and volunteers to share files, discuss tasks, and stay updated on progress.

Resource Management Software

Helps you track team availability, assign tasks efficiently, and avoid resource bottlenecks. Great for managing volunteers with varying schedules.

Open-Source Project Management

Free or low-cost software offering basic project management functionalities. Ideal for budget-conscious nonprofits, but may require technical expertise.

Why Nonprofits Need Project Management Tools?

Running a nonprofit is no easy feat. With limited resources, passionate but often part-time staff, and a constant influx of initiatives, keeping everything organized and on track can be a major challenge.

Here's where project management tools come in as superheroes, saving the day (and your sanity) in several ways:

Increased Efficiency

Streamline workflows, break down complex projects into manageable tasks, and ensure everyone's working towards the same goals. This reduces wasted time and effort, allowing your team to achieve more with less.

Boosted Collaboration

Foster communication and teamwork between staff, volunteers, and even donors. Project management tools provide a central platform for file sharing, discussions, and updates, keeping everyone informed and aligned.

Improved Resource Management

Effectively allocate staff and volunteer time based on skills and availability. Identify potential bottlenecks and optimize resource usage to maximize your impact.

Enhanced Transparency and Accountability

Track progress in real-time, monitor deadlines, and identify roadblocks early on. This fosters accountability within your team and allows for course correction before issues escalate.

Stronger Donor Relationships

Showcase your organization's efficiency and transparency with clear project plans and progress reports. This builds trust with donors and encourages continued support for your cause.

Ultimately, project management tools empower your nonprofit to operate more strategically, deliver impactful projects, and achieve your mission with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Must-Have Features for Nonprofit Project Management Software

Nonprofits have unique needs when it comes to project management. Here are some key functionalities to prioritize in your software selection:

  • Collaboration Features:  Effective communication is vital. Look for features like real-time chat, task comments and mentions, file sharing, and video conferencing to keep your team, volunteers, and donors connected.‍
  • Budget Tracking and Grant Management (Optional):  If your organization relies on grants, consider software with features to track project budgets, manage grant applications, and generate reports for funders.‍
  • Volunteer Management Tools (Optional):  Simplify volunteer coordination with features like volunteer recruitment forms, scheduling tools, and communication channels.‍
  • Affordability:  Nonprofits often operate on tight budgets. Explore freemium options or tiered pricing plans that cater to your team size and needs.‍
  • Security and Compliance:  Since you might be storing donor data, ensure the software prioritizes data security and adheres to relevant regulations.‍
  • Reporting and Analytics:  Track progress, identify roadblocks, and measure impact with robust reporting and analytics tools.‍
  • Integrations:  Consider software that integrates with your existing tools to create a seamless workflow and avoid data silos.

By keeping these specific functionalities in mind, you'll be able to choose a project management software that empowers your nonprofit to collaborate effectively, manage resources efficiently, and achieve its mission with greater impact.

Best Project Software Tools for Nonprofits In 2024

From budget tracking to volunteer management, discover the best project management software solutions packed with features to empower your nonprofit in 2024.

Trello (Free & Paid Plans)

The Ace Task Mastering Software for Teams Who Want To Code Smart, Not Hard

Trello leverages a visual Kanban board layout, where tasks are represented by digital cards that move across different stages (e.g., To Do, In Progress, Done). This intuitive approach fosters clear task visualization and collaboration within your nonprofit team. Team members can easily add comments, attachments, and checklists to each card, ensuring everyone stays informed and on the same page.


Trello's user-friendly interface and visual approach make it an excellent choice for nonprofits of all sizes. It promotes transparency by offering a clear view of project progress and fosters communication through collaborative features like card comments and mentions. Additionally, Trello's free plan makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious organizations.


  • Trello provides vast tools such as boards, lists, cards, labels, power-ups, and plug-and-play capabilities.
  • In-built powerful no-code automation
  • Table and calendar for workspace views
  • Customize project templates and system checklist
  • Dashboard insights to manage workload

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Most Popular Package: $12.5/user/month

Nifty (Free & Paid Plans)

Top Hub of Your Company's Team Collaboration

Nifty is a comprehensive project management solution designed to streamline workflows and centralize communication for nonprofits. It offers a unified platform that integrates tasks, discussions, documents, and real-time team chat, eliminating the need to switch between different tools. Nifty's built-in automation capabilities further enhance efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and managing workflows.


Nifty empowers nonprofits to achieve greater agility and efficiency through its all-in-one approach. The centralized platform streamlines workflows, eliminates information silos, and fosters collaboration through integrated team chat and discussion boards.  Furthermore, Nifty's automation capabilities allow nonprofits to free up valuable team time by automating routine tasks and managing workflows efficiently.


  • Whether you are into standard Gantt charts or customizable ones, the task board of Nifty can provide your team with the necessary tools to plan and prioritize tasks that have never been done before.
  • Built-in chat, comments, and attachments allow Nifty to update and store information so that everyone has a full picture of what's happening, making transparent communication and feedback a new norm.
  • The Nifty Dashboard provides a complete project overview of the recent events, completions, milestones, and metrics for each project.
  • Other core features include Milestone Tracking, File Sharing, Time Tracking, Collaboration Tools, and Third-Party Integration with Slack, GitHub, and Google Drive.

G2 Rating: 4.7/5

Most Popular Business Package: $25/per member

Coda (Free & Paid Plans)

Get Ready for A Brand-New Project Management Experience

Unlike traditional project management tools, Coda  offers a unique and flexible platform that combines the power of documents, spreadsheets, databases, and project management features in one place. This allows nonprofits to build custom workspaces that cater to their specific needs.  Coda empowers teams to manage projects, track data, collaborate on documents, and generate insightful reports within a single, unified environment.


Coda's highly customizable nature makes it ideal for nonprofits with diverse project management and data management needs.  Nonprofits can leverage Coda to build custom workflows, manage complex projects, and generate comprehensive reports to measure progress and impact.  Additionally, Coda's robust data management capabilities empower data-driven decision-making within your organization.


  • Customizable Template design and Dashboard
  • Automation Tools for Repetitive Jobs
  • Document Editor
  • Project tracker
  • Effortless real-time collaboration and innovation in action

G2 Rating: 4.7/5

Most Popular Team Package: $30/month

Neonone CRM (Paid Plans)

Your Team's Secret Kick to Fast-Track

Neonone CRM transcends the limitations of traditional project management tools by offering a comprehensive CRM solution designed specifically for small and mid-sized nonprofits. It streamlines workflows by integrating project management features, real-time file sharing, and robust reporting & analytics into a single platform.

NeonOne goes beyond project management by providing dedicated tools for donor management, allowing nonprofits to cultivate strong relationships with their supporters throughout the entire giving journey. Additionally, NeonOne's workflow automation capabilities empower nonprofits to automate repetitive tasks and optimize processes for long-term efficiency.


For nonprofits seeking a comprehensive solution, NeonOne offers a powerful advantage. It streamlines workflows by integrating various functionalities, eliminates information silos, and provides real-time insights into project progress and donor engagement. NeonOne empowers nonprofits to nurture donor relationships through dedicated management tools and fosters long-term efficiency with its workflow automation capabilities.


  • Fundraising Tools such as performance reports, a dashboard, and automation to facilitate the fast obtaining of relevant data.
  • Donor Database to track donors and connections in one place, with tailored fields that support you to manage your most relevant data right here.
  • User-Centric Dashboard to improve performance by providing them with an interface that can be adjusted to respond easily to the requirements of each individual.
  • Radius searches to identify niche donor groups within your location who are more likely to give with the help of effective geo-targeting tools.

G2 Rating: 4.3/5

Most Popular Package: 199/month

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Keela (Paid Plans)

Making the Revolution in the Nonprofit Industry

Keela is a feature-rich donor management platform specifically designed for nonprofits. It goes beyond basic donor management by offering built-in fundraising and advocacy tools, along with integrated project management functionalities.

Keela empowers nonprofits to manage donor relationships, cultivate fundraising efforts, launch advocacy campaigns, and track project progress within a unified platform.


Keela offers a powerful all-in-one solution for nonprofits heavily focused on donor management, fundraising, and advocacy. It streamlines workflows by integrating these functionalities, eliminates the need for multiple software solutions, and provides valuable data-driven insights for informed decision-making. Keela empowers nonprofits to cultivate stronger donor relationships, optimize fundraising efforts, and track project progress efficiently within a centralized platform.


Keela is beyond the reach of most nonprofits as it offers the vast majority of features, such as

  • Donor management database
  • Smart Tools such as duplicate detection, merge tags, and predictions
  • Fundraising software through online donation forms
  • Nonprofit communication tools
  • Donor search
  • Automatic receipts
  • Grant management software
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Reporting and integration capabilities make it the definitive project management tool.

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Most Popular Package: $225/month

Basecamp (Paid Plans)

The Best Project Management Tool for both Small And Large Teams

Basecamp is a well-established project management tool known for its user-friendly interface and emphasis on clear communication. It offers a suite of features designed to facilitate team collaboration, including task management, to-do lists, team chat capabilities, and file sharing. Basecamp's discussion boards promote open communication and information sharing within your nonprofit team.


Basecamp's user-friendly interface and focus on communication make it an excellent choice for nonprofits seeking a straightforward project management solution. It promotes transparency and team collaboration through features like task assignments, to-do lists, discussion boards, and file sharing. The free plan makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious organizations with basic project management needs.


Basecamp is a very rich tool with features such as

  • Message boards where you can post short notices
  • To-do lists that help you keep track of tasks
  • File storage that can be used to load heavy files
  • Schedule reports that keep you on your toes

G2 Rating: 4.1/5

Most Popular Pricing: $299/month for unlimited users

Airtable (Free & Paid Plans)

The Most Powerful Project Management Software For Teams Working Together

Airtable offers a unique and powerful approach to project management, combining the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the structure of a relational database. This allows nonprofits to create highly customizable workspaces that cater to their specific needs.

Airtable empowers teams to manage projects using Kanban boards, track data in customizable views, and collaborate on tasks within a centralized platform. Additionally, Airtable integrates seamlessly with various other tools commonly used by nonprofits, fostering a more connected workflow.


Airtable's versatility and customizability make it a valuable asset for nonprofits with complex data management and project organization needs. Teams can leverage Airtable to build bespoke project management solutions, manage diverse data sets effectively, and collaborate efficiently within a centralized platform.  Furthermore, Airtable's robust integration capabilities allow nonprofits to connect it with their existing tools, eliminating data silos and streamlining workflows.


  • AirTable features the Grid view, forms, galleries, kanban boards, and views
  • Expanded formatting and calendar options
  • Manage budgets and automate reporting
  • Real-time collaboration tools
  • Seamless Integration with other platforms such as Dropbox, Tableau, Slack, and Google Calendar.

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Most Popular Team Package: $20/seat/month

Freedcamp (Free & Paid Plans)

Go-To For High-Performance Teams

Freedcamp is a user-friendly and budget-friendly project management solution ideal for nonprofits seeking a straightforward approach. It offers core functionalities such as task management, to-do lists, discussion boards, and file sharing, facilitating basic project organization and team collaboration. While the free plan provides a good foundation, paid plans offer additional features like time tracking and team chat, further enhancing project management capabilities.


Freedcamp's user-friendly interface and budget-conscious pricing make it an attractive option for nonprofits with basic project management needs. It offers essential features like task management, to-do lists, and file sharing, enabling teams to stay organized and collaborate effectively on straightforward projects.

Additionally, the free plan provides a good starting point, with paid options offering advanced functionalities for those seeking more comprehensive project management capabilities.


Freedup provides a host of features, such as

  • Task allocation and kanban board
  • Secure account sharing
  • File sharing & editing
  • Useful discussions to save time
  • White label
  • Quickly create a project copy
  • Collaborative tools
  • Reporting
  • Third-party integration abilities such as Google Drive, Dropbox

G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Most Popular Business Package: $7.49/user/month      

Wrap Up

The right project management tool can be a game-changer for your nonprofit. By streamlining workflows, boosting collaboration, and improving resource allocation, these tools empower you to achieve more with less.

Remember, the best software for your organization depends on your specific needs. Consider your team size, project types, budget, and desired functionalities. Utilize free trials and demos to test-drive different options before making a decision.

With a powerful project management tool at your side, your nonprofit can focus on what matters most – making a lasting difference in the world. Now, go forth and conquer your mission!

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