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5 Best White-Label Online Course Platforms

Learn how White-Label Online Course Platforms have redefined the meaning of online course creation and course business development.

Today, decision-making has become a matter of mere seconds. We buy things based on face value first before anything else. Branding plays a huge role in the choices we make. Hence, businesses are investing more than ever in building up a unique and desirable image. White-Label Online Course Platforms are a unique way for businesses to customize their branding and make themselves stand out.

The term 'white-label' refers to a service a company provides to other companies to develop their brand. To clarify it a bit more; it is when a business reaches out to experts to help them with web development, design production, color schemes, etc. This team of designers develops modifiable templates for individual businesses which they can further customize as per their business requirements.

In essence, White-Label LMS are specialized platforms where course creators can build their online course business without having to deal with any technical hassle.

Benefits of White-Label Online Course Platforms

Saves time

One of the major benefits of opting for White-Label Online Course Platforms is that they save you lots of time and creative energy. Consequently, you can utilize that energy elsewhere and make the most of your resources. Since the experts operating at these platforms will have done all your design, research, and technical work for you, you will be left with just the final touches. Select your favorite options and customize your brand to your liking.


When the template is ready for you to use, you can simply log into your platform account and customize away using the in-built features. In a way, users get a pre-packaged solution for their online course business.

Cost effective

Finally, with all that time spared, you can invest in the actual purpose behind your brand i.e. the business side of things. With personalization and creating a unique brand identity, you will also be better able to attract investors and buyers. Hence, white-labeling also helps with business growth. That is to say, better ROI - Return on Investments.

Why opt for White-Label Online Course Platforms?

The thing about white-labeling is that it invests a lot in brand representation and adds to the face value of any business. Such platforms understand well that brand representation, when done right, can contribute up to 23% to the revenue of businesses. Having a strong brand also reflects on the sort of audience you attract and the investors it brings as more people pick up the uniqueness of your ideas. And not to forget, all of this means...greater number of sales.

Following are a few factors as to why you should consider opting for White-Label Online Course Platforms:

  • Exclusivity in terms of brand identity
  • Consistency of experience for users
  • Unique social and interactive learning experience
  • Value and price - attracts more investors & buyers
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Builds trust
  • Gives something to depend upon for advertising

Custom v/s White-Label Online Course Platforms

In comparison with regular custom platforms, White-label platforms before better in various levels. Firstly, unlike custom platforms, these produce templates that the user can independently modify as per their interests. In doing so, the owner or the client feels more in control of the design process without the actual hassle behind it. Whereas, with custom platforms, the entire product is developed for the client from start to finish. This leaves less room for later modification.

Moreover, with a custom platform, once your domain and webpages are developed the job for the developer is done. However, with White-Label Online Course Platforms, you have tech support for the entire duration of use. These highly experienced professionals are available for your assistance. With these in-house developers readily available, you can manage regular updates for your online course business.

5 best White-Label Online Course Platforms

Before you start your search for the most suitable platform for your course business, keep in mind a couple of things. Make sure that whatever platform you opt for has easy and reliable communication softwares or app integrations (e.g. Slack) with which you can communicate with your students/clients. Moreover, you need to check how flexible and customizable your platform is - can it evolve with the growing needs of your business? Some other points that can be handy do it offer custom domain, custom branding (such as branded email notification), and lastly, whether it offers a secure mobile app as well?

1. Teachfloor

Teachfloor is an extremely flexible online course platform that works as an LMS, and LXP offers a robust white label solution.

It is the first platform designed to build and manage Hybrid Cohort-Based Courses. With the white-label option, online academies and organizations can use Teachfloor under their brand to create online group courses using asynchronous and synchronous content.

If your goal is to increase your learner's engagement and you want to bring the competition rate of your courses over 70% this is the software for your needs.

It allows its customers the ease and freedom to develop their brand identity themselves as per their desires. It also serves as an academy i.e. you can run multiple fields of course businesses under one broad name or brand. The good thing about Teachfloor is that it offers Peer Review and Discussion Board options to encourage learner participation and engagement. Moreover, it offers exclusive community channels for network building amongst learners.

Check out all features and the launch your course today!

2. Kajabi

Kajabi in essence is similar to any other white-label platform. However, its standout feature is that it lets you run and develop amazing marketing campaigns. But on the flip side, it too doesn't focus much on community building.

The platform gives you much freedom to structure the courses and their content and provides you several instructional tools to use. However, it does have a mobile app that most platforms lack, albeit, a limited one.

3. Teachable

Teachable is an incredibly easy-to-use platform enabling its users to create and sell their courses with ease. Creators can add forms of educational resources to their courses such as Ebooks due to their flexible formatting. Despite it being a user-friendly platform, sadly, it too lacks a proper community for users to engage in. But it does come with a mobile app, so that's a win!

4. Thinkific

Thinkific is a website builder where users can develop their White-label courses under their own brand name. The platform is great when it comes to developing content. You can sell private label courses, drip-feed them over time, or provide access to all the content at once. The possibilities of content deliverance are multiple here. You also have the option of adding infographics, multimedia, quizzes, etc, to your courses.

However, where it lacks a bit is scaling the courses. If you want to host live events then you will have to use third-party apps. And that can add up to the business costs. Moreover, it does not offer a special community space for users on Thinkific to interact. Another drawback is that it does not have a mobile app.

5. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds ticks several boxes for being a reliable White-Label Online Course Platform. It provides a custom domain, a login page, a social media login for the client brand, branded email notification, and an option for branded mobile apps.

All of these White-Label Online Course Platforms offer a wide array of features and some unique options for users to choose from. The decision at the end of the day is yours. What may work for someone may not work for you. This is why, with a keen eye, take them out for a test ride and find out your best fit.

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