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5 Best Group Coaching Platforms of 2024 [With Features and Pricing]

There’s a massive shift of professionals who are starting their journey as a coach. If you’re one of them, I’ve listed the 5 Best Group Coaching Platforms to help you choose the right tools.

Summary: There's no doubt that coaching creates a substantial effect on student success. It's proven effective even by great philosophers. Today, there's a massive shift of professionals who are starting their journey as a coach. If you're one of them, I've listed the 5 Best Group Coaching Platforms to help you choose the right tools.

Since coaching is a proven approach to winning in life, in career, and in business too, different innovations are coming up on how we can improve coaching—from TopknotKadakareer, to JRNY. Not only you can find these innovations in startups, but you can also find them inside learning communities like Nesslabs.

But the mind-blowing part isn't just in these startups and communities, it's more on the numbers of professionals who are shifting career paths to coaching as a side hustle or full-time business. In the US alone, the market size of the life coaching industry is $1.4Billion in 2022.

As someone who's entering or already in this market, how can you thrive and differentiate yourself from the competition? We won't answer that right now, instead, we'll help you to choose the best group coaching platform for your business so you can use your time in becoming the best coach in your niche rather than wasting your time on the tasks that can be automated.

First, let's compare the difference between 1-on-1 coaching vs group coaching.

1-on-1 Coaching vs Group Coaching

1-on-1 coaching is simply performing the coaching session with one person. It doesn't matter whether it's online or in-person, as long as you are giving your full attention to one person.

On the other hand, group coaching is where you are coaching two or more people together. It depends on how many people would you like to coach in a group, but the maximum is 300-400 people. If you want a more intimate discussion, you can limit it to 5-30 people.

Benefits of Group Coaching

Here are reasons why group coaching can be a better idea:

  • Encourages peer learning. Group coaching allows students to learn not just from the coach, but also from their peers. At times, coaches serve as facilitators in group coaching to guide the coachees to what they want to learn.
  • Increases collaborative learning. Group coaching isn't limited to the discussion. To make it lively and engaging, coaches usually integrate group activities, and break out sessions, during the session. It enhances collaborative learning among your coachees.
  • Lessens the involvement of the coach. Group coaching isn't focused on the coach. Since everyone can give their point of view during the discussion, the coach is less involved in giving suggestions, lecturing, or advising. A coach serves as a guide to make sure the goal of the session is met, and everyone is heard and learning.

After learning about the benefits of group coaching, here are the best group coaching platform to start your coaching business.

5 Best Group Coaching Platforms in 2024


The best group coaching platform to scale your business

Teachfloor is a learning platform designed to build and scale cohort-based courses. Apart from this fact, Teachfloor can also be used in group coaching because its features are highly-developed for a collaborative learning approach.

Since group coaching is similar to cohort-based learning, you can use Teachfloor's features to build your coaching business—from white-labeling solutions, learning community, and other notable features with affordable pricing.

Top Features

✅ Peer review and instructors review to help your group coaching sessions more engaging✅ White-labeling solution to create your brand and have your own platform✅ Built-in community space for asynchronous learning✅ Zapier, Zoom & other app integrations✅ Easy & automated collection of payments✅ Customer priority support & live demo✅ Helpful resources on eLearning✅ Affordable Pro plan that helps you scale fast

What's lacking?

❌ No mobile app features❌ E-commerce for coaching packages unavailable


  • Pro Plan - $59/month with unlimited students, unlimited courses, unlimited file storage, and lets you add up to 4 instructors. Perfect for those who are starting up, have a tight budget, and want to scale in the long run. Sign up now for a 15-day trial plan.
  • Business Plan - $299/month. This is perfect for scaled online academies running more than 10 cohorts every year. With its unlimited students, courses, & file storage, and can add up to 15 instructors, you can scale faster.
  • Enterprise Plan - Feel free to talk to the founders of Teachfloor to get the best quotation. This is perfect for middle to large enterprises with several educational products, launching bunches of courses or training programs in a year.


The web's largest network of professional coaches

Noomii is the largest directory of coaches on the internet. You can find thousands of coaches in particular locations and fields such as life coaches, business coaches, career coaches, and even executive coaches. Its goal is to connect coaches to clients, and clients to find the best coach for their specific needs.

As a coach, you can sign up and create your profile for free. If you want to get noticed, Noomii has a paid subscription plan of $447 per year with a 100% money-back guarantee. Apparently, the best thing with Noomii is you can get individual clients from organizations which makes it one of the best group coaching directories on the internet.

Top Features

✅ Free directory listing✅ Free sales academy live video sessions✅ Direct messages via Noomi's coaching directory platform✅ Get featured as a coach on the home page✅ Eligible for the referral programs with a 30% commission✅ Join Noomi's circle or community of coaches✅ Access to training courses

What's lacking?

❌ You don't have your own coaching platform❌ High competition from the list❌ Expensive fees


  • Paid subscription plan of $447/year with 100% money back guarantee inclusive of all advanced features
  • Get a free directory listing and sales academy live video sessions in a free account


The go-to platform for coaches

SatoriApp is the go-to platform for coaches with its simple features for signing, booking, and delivering clients. You can't go wrong with SatoriApp as it's one of the best group coaching platforms on the internet. It lets you book workshops, classes, or coaching groups with a wider audience. It allows you to automate the enrollment, packages, billing, and calendar.

Top Features

✅ Signature packages and client enrollments✅ Group session booking and coaching engagements✅ Automated billing and session scheduling

What's lacking?

❌ No analytics report❌ No community for clients or direct messaging❌ No course features to grow your coaching sessions into a course or community


  • They have a free tier with limited features
  • Pioneer - $15/month. It lets you sign coaching clients with easy and simple features
  • Trailblazer - $32/month. The best subscription to start with and let automation do the work


Best known for its tracking system

CoachAccountable is best known for its tracking system. It tracks almost every activity to support your coachees and make sure you are giving them a valuable experience. From session notes, worksheets, and journals, to streams. It also allows you to have a session in groups, and create courses for your coachees.

Top Features

✅ Tools to track progress and maintain coaching plans✅ Easy-to-manage administrative tasks and coordination✅ Free webinar series to improve your coaching skills

What's lacking?

❌ No mobile app features❌ App integrations not applicable


Usually, CoachAccountable price per client per month. It depends on your level or how many clients would you like to get on your platform. The higher the level, the more clients, and the lower the charge per client.

  • Starter - 2 clients for $20/month
  • Level 1 - 5 clients for $40/month
  • Level 3 - 20 clients for $120/month
  • Level 5 - 100 clients for $400/month


Turning your expertise into revenue

Thinkific is a software platform with a mission to revolutionize the way people learn and earn online. With its easy-to-use platform and powerful features, coaches can create their online presence and turn that into an income-generating business.

Top Features

✅ Advance customization to create a professional website for a coaching business✅ Built-in marketing and e-commerce features✅ Ready-made, customizable themes✅ Thinkific app store

What's lacking?

❌ Most options are available with higher-priced plans❌ Poor security of content


  • Test drive your coaching business for free
  • Basic - $39/month. Best for starters to access basic features in building their business
  • Pro - $79/month. The most popular one for coaches who wants to grow their coaching business and create educational products
  • Premier - $399/month. Ready to scale? Get the premier package for advanced features

Starting a career as a coach shouldn't be that hard

Starting your career as a coach shouldn't be that hard when it comes to managing administrative tasks. Therefore, these best group coaching platforms are here to support you and be your partner in business. Choosing the best tool to start with can give your business a 10x boost! So choose well and know which fits your needs the most.

If you're planning to grow your coaching business into educational products, I highly recommend using Teachfloor as an all-in-one coaching and cohort-based course platform. In fact, it allows you to scale your business without breaking the bank for only $59/month where almost all the features you need are there.

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