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360Learning Review: Unfiltered Reviews from Verified Users

Want to validate if 360Learning is the right choice for your corporate training? We’ve highlighted the best and least favorite features of verified users in this 360Learning review!

When it comes to selecting an LMS, it surely takes most of your time to make the best decision. We knew your struggle. That's why we came up with this unfiltered and unbiased review of 360Learning, highlighting the best and the least favorite features from their verified users.

No need to waste your holy time reading all reviews to share your point of view with your boss! Instead, rely on our findings and make your conclusion in just 5 minutes! Ready? Let me take you there!

What is 360 Learning?

Among the thousands of LMSs out there, 360 Learning is one of the top-rated with 4.6/5 based on real customer reviews. It excels in collaborative learning for employee training. This platform combines LMS and LXP features, offering versatile training catalogs, authoring tools, integrations, AI for L&D, and skills-based learning.

Just recently, they've acquired eLamp to enhance skills-based learning, positioning themselves as leaders in workforce development and corporate training.

While 360Learning boasts impressive credentials, a wise L&D manager must carefully select the right LMS platform. Therefore, it's essential to avoid hasty decisions and take time to explore 360Learning reviews. Additionally, consider using an LMS evaluation checklist to assess features and alternative options.

Ready to jump in the reviews? Let's do it!

5 Best Features from 360 Learning Reviews - Unbiased!

Smooth onboarding time for new employees!

One of the most applauded features of this platform is its seamless onboarding time for new employees! Hiring new staff can really take your time and budget. 360 Learning makes sure you decrease your onboarding time in half through its smooth onboarding with automation features!

360Learning Review: “We have cut onboarding time in half.” - Matthew Felten, Manager of Operations Training at auto commerce platform Shift

Multilingual platform

360Learning supports 14 languages such as:

  • German
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Chinese (Simplified)

In fact, they have their headquarters in 3 different countries: France, the US, and the UK. So, if you're training is using at least one of these languages—then 360Learning has your back!

User-friendliness and seamless functionality

A steep learning curve or uneasiness of navigation can turn customers off. Therefore, a sympathetic LMS like 360Learning will ensure its user-friendliness to every user, with or without a tech background. Their real customers are highly recommending them for their ease of use, so better believe it's real!

360Learning Reviews: “One of our reasons for using 360Learning is due to its functionality and user-friendliness. The tool interface is intuitive, making navigating through the various courses and modules easy. Our course content is now engaging, interactive, and well-structured, making it for our learners easy to follow and retain the information presented. I particularly like the use of multimedia elements such as videos, graphics, and pick-a-point features that help reinforce key concepts. Overall, I highly recommend 360Learning to any organization seeking an engaging, fun, interactive training platform.” - Elaine M

Another real user's review: “The 360Learning platform is one of the easiest-to-navigate learning platforms I have ever encountered. I have used many different LMS platforms and never experienced a tool that I could so quickly train my subject matter experts to build immediately impactful courses. This ease of use comes from a genuinely intuitive tool and the fantastic implementation team I have worked with.” - Jordan W

Collaborative course creation

Another thing that is great about this platform is that it makes it super easy to roll out, and it really gets everyone involved. It makes sharing knowledge a breeze.

360Learning streamlines course creation. It would only take 11 minutes to create a course with an intuitive, media-friendly authoring environment. Their unique "cheat sheets" and versatile question formats aid content creators.

From a business angle, it's a no-brainer – effortless setup for a wide customer base boosts profits and gives your image a fresh, modern touch. Plus, their dedication to regular updates shows they're all about quality and staying on the ball.

Great customer support

Lastly, the best feature of 360Learning according to their customers is their great customer support. Let's face the truth: 360Learning isn't your perfect LMS. Despite this fact, the 360Learning crew serves their customers with great care and dedication, making clients love them instead of hate them due to negative feedback.

360Learning reviews: “Support was excellent from the entire team at 360Learning during implementation. Questions were answered swiftly and effectively. Content creation is simple and ability to use tools like Genially helps to make content more engaging. Platform updates occur every 3 weeks. Forum is an excellent source of communication and helps foster community.” - Eli J.

4 Worst Features from 360Learning Reviews - Unfiltered!

After talking about the “best”. Let's talk about what's worst and what's lacking with 360Learning.

Limited Reporting Capabilities

Apparently, we've found several reviews that say that the reporting capabilities of 360Learning are so basic, unclear, and inflexible. While some basic reporting capabilities are available, users wish for more customization options and the ability to view individual quiz scores on the dashboard.

This is a shocking review from an LMS like 360Learning with a solid foundation. An advanced reporting capability for an LMS is a must-have. These reports save trainers a lot of time from manual student progress tracking. Plus, student reports help instructors design their content according to students' progress.

360Learning review: “The reporting tool is not very flexible, and the reports are unclear, too bad there is no reporting summary available in PDF format. A new web page that opens as soon as you click on an element of the platform, this leads to a multiplicity of open tabs after a few hours of work.” - Karen P., Enterprise

Another review: “While the system provides some basic reporting capabilities, there are some key areas where the reporting could be improved, like its customization options. It will be helpful to view a user's stats from the dashboard instead of going to the individual's page. Another area is to have an option not just to average the scores but also to view the score each time the learner takes the quiz.”

Review of 360Learning: “If anything, we'd like to see even more advanced analytics features in the future. In some ways, it's difficult for two co-authors to collaborate simultaneously and remotely on a single course for our learners (a feature you can often find in software like Microsoft Excel). But given their track record of frequent updates and genuine commitment to excellence, we are confident the needs we have will be met sooner rather than later.”

No peer review features

Interestingly, 360Learning doesn't have an automated peer review feature. According to research, peer review increases collaboration among online students, and creates an engaging learning experience among learners. However, it seems students aren't able to check/submit work for reviews from their peers.

Review for 360Learning: “For our use case, as a digital cohort program platform, there are some functional limitations....i.e. it is not possible to easily create smaller workgroups of learners within a program and have them work an assignment together. The functionality to submit assignments to coaches and managers is very good, however, it is not possible for a learner to submit work (for review) to peers/other learners. The platform is also currently unable to embed our LMS's courses (via iframe) into a program.”

Steep Learning curve to learn the system

Despite being user-friendly to some users, 360 Learning isn't easy to learn for others. A few say learning the whole app or the system itself would take them time due to complexity. Navigation is not simple and not easy to modify.

When it comes to choosing the best learning platform for your L&D teams, we highly suggest that there shouldn't be a steep learning curve to learn the platform.

Why? You don't want to waste a week of your employees just to learn a tool. Efficient LMS should be simple and easy to use. Any user should be proficient in less than a day.

360Learning unfiltered review: “Getting started with the system was bewilderingly complex - and in fact much more complex than the system itself. The various learning sessions are lengthy and much of the self-learning is (surprisingly) badly designed, with ugly graphics, intrusive music, etc. Once we figured out what we needed to do, the system was in fact simpler than it appeared. A top-to-bottom overhaul of the system and orientation would be a great benefit.” - User from Financial services

Another review: “Navigation on the platform can be a bit simplified, content once downloaded is not easily modifiable, better reporting capabilities”

SCORM as an authoring tool

While 360Learning has authoring features, users are disappointed that they can't currently be used with SCORM. To compensate, they have been using a combination of SCORM and the platform's native authoring tool.

However, their primary desire is to utilize the collaborative learning features more effectively, as this was a key motivation for their purchase of the platform.

Another review: “The collaborative learning features are great, but they are not currently available when using SCORM. We have been using a combination of SCORM and the native authoring tool, but wish we could use the collaborative learning features more since that's why we bought them” - Bob B

The biggest blockage: How much does 360Learning cost?

When choosing an LMS, it's crucial to remember that it's not just the features that should set your checklist. Pricing is a major factor to weigh because, in reality, not every company has an unlimited budget for employee training.

360Learning's pricing structure can be rather substantial, potentially reaching up to $800 per month with their basic plan of $8 per registered user. For small organizations with 20 employees, this translates to at least $160 per month, while larger organizations with 100 or more users can face costs exceeding $800, making 360Learning one of the pricier options.

If you're looking for a cost-effective alternative with similar features, consider Teachfloor.

Our basic plan starts at $79 per month, up to 50 students, 10 GB storage, and unlimited in their business plan. It provides valuable support to L&D teams and learning specialists seeking an affordable means to scale their training initiatives. With Teachfloor, you can access almost the same and better features as 360Learning, all while enjoying significant cost savings.

So why opt for the pricier option?

Now, let's delve into why Teachfloor stands out as the leading alternative to 360Learning:

Teachfloor: The Best 360Learning Alternative

With over four years in the education industry, Teachfloor has earned its place as one of the most trusted platforms in the realm of education and learning.

Wondering why it's the leading choice as an alternative to 360Learning? Let's break it down:

A Pioneer in Collaborative Learning Environments

While 360Learning remains popular in collaborative learning, Teachfloor stands out as a strong competitor. Meticulously designed for edupreneurs, corporate trainers, and L&D teams, Teachfloor recognizes the significance of engagement and collaboration in virtual classrooms.

Hence, they've developed a platform that seamlessly fosters student interaction and allows instructors to automate tasks. Here are the top Teachfloor features that encourage seamless collaboration among students:

  • Peer review
  • Built-in community
  • Course calendars
  • Customizable learning experience with API and webhooks
  • Multiple integrations of your favorite online software

Submission and Peer Review - An Exceptional Feature!

Teachfloor's automated peer review feature is an asset for both instructors and learners. It promotes seamless student interaction and engagement in collaborative learning environments.

This time-saving tool streamlines the peer review process, allowing educators to focus on higher-level teaching tasks. Additionally, it enhances learning outcomes by fostering critical thinking, peer-to-peer learning, and constructive feedback.

Just recently, Teachfloor made several enhancements to the peer review feature to help you do more:

  • Better automation experience
  • User-friendly interface
  • Anonymity - select if you want to be anonymous on reviewing your peer's homework

Curious how it works? Test it now for a 15-day free trial!

Customizable Learning Experience

Teachfloor offers an unparalleled level of customization within the domain of learning management systems, ensuring that you can tailor your educational approach to your specific needs.

If customization is a priority for you, switching and choosing Teachfloor is a wise move.

Flexible Course Builder: Teachfloor's course builder empowers you to create courses that align perfectly with your instructional objectives. Whether it's self-paced, hybrid, or cohort-based models, you have the flexibility to craft the learning experience that suits your audience best.

Code Blocks, Tags, and Visibility Options: Whether you're teaching technical skills or any other subject, Teachfloor provides the tools you need to showcase and personalize lessons effectively. This means you can adapt your content to different learner levels, ensuring that each student gets precisely what they need.

Localization Functionality: In a globalized world, language shouldn't be a barrier to learning. Teachfloor's localization functionality goes beyond English, offering support for multiple languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French). This feature transforms Teachfloor into a worldwide choice, catering to diverse audiences and facilitating broader accessibility to learning resources.

With Teachfloor, you gain the power to mold the learning experience to your unique specifications, making it an ideal platform for those seeking adaptability and a global reach in education.

User-Friendly Design

The thoughtfully crafted design of Teachfloor's platform places instructors at the center of their teaching mission. In fact, Teachfloor's platform is celebrated for its simplicity, elegant aesthetics, and clean interface.

It excels in user-friendliness, ensuring that employees, instructors, and learners alike can effortlessly navigate the platform without facing a daunting learning curve. This streamlined experience not only accelerates the learning process but also has the potential to generate cost savings.

👉🏻 Want to see for yourself? Sign up and get your 15-day free trial!

Great customer support

A shared attribute between 360Learning and Teachfloor is their outstanding customer support.

Users laud both platforms for their responsiveness and the approachability of their staff. But you don't have to take our word for it – Georgia Audubon, who successfully scaled their hybrid program to 2,500 members with Teachfloor, speaks volumes about the platform's exceptional customer support.

Empower Your Reporting with Advanced Capabilities

If you're in search of advanced reporting capabilities, look no further than Teachfloor. We are dedicated to consistently enhancing our reporting and analytics dashboard, providing you with a highly scalable and swifter learning platform for your L&D teams.

  • Gradebook Progress Tracking: Monitor the progress of each learner across all course activities with ease. Teachfloor's advanced reporting capabilities empower you to stay informed, differentiating those who may require instructor support from those excelling.This knowledge significantly increases the likelihood of achieving high completion rates, ensuring that learning objectives are met effectively.

Scale up your productivity at a lower price with Teachfloor!

Teachfloor vs 360Learning Subscription Cost: In comparison with 360Learning, Teachfloor's price is only 10% of 360Learning's. With a $79 monthly subscription, you can start your e-learning business with up to 50 students!

Teachfloor vs 360Learning Features: Both have their unique features that can't copy the other. However, with Teachfloor, you can have more offerings when it comes to in-app collaboration tools, customizable learning experiences, user-friendly design, and advanced reporting capabilities.

With Teachfloor, you get the best of both worlds: cost-effectiveness and feature-rich functionality, making it an ideal choice for modern learning management.

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