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15 Best HR Training Tools in 2024

In the ever-growing corporate world, the task of recruiting and then training employees can be fairly tedious. Especially when there is new innovation every other day, one needs to keep their employees updated. To make the lives of HR managers...

In the ever-growing corporate world, the task of recruiting and then training employees can be fairly tedious. Especially when there is new innovation every other day, one needs to keep their employees updated. To make the lives of HR managers easier, here is a comprehensive list of top HR training tools. Not only do they help with employee training but also improve company productivity.

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1. Talent LMS

Talent LMS specializes in corporate training with a focus on employee onboarding, sales training, partner training, customer training, and compliance training. Its interactive interface makes it easy to use and fun to learn with. With less hassle of figuring how to operate the LMS, it enables users to utilize their time on making impactful content. Users can use it on their computers and even their phones. Moreover, users have the option to control the pace of their courses. Therefore, making it easier to work and learn simultaneously.

key features include:

  • Live and recorded courses
  • Gamification: Quizzes & tests
  • Custom branding
  • Multilingual (available in over 30 languages)
  • Course templates
  • Integrations: Shopify, Zapier, GoToMeeting, etc.

Talent LMS offers a great deal of pricing to choose from with a free one-month trial. Whether you want an active or standard plan, monthly or yearly subscriptions, etc. Follow here for more details on pricing.

2. Teachfloor

Teachfloor is a cohort-based course platform that emphasizes community-centric learning. Users have access to Zoom and can create live, real-time interactive courses. Especially, in a time where companies have employees working from different parts of the world, such a learning model is convenient. Unlike other HR training LMS tools, Teachfloor focuses on keeping learning less formal. With features like Peer Review and Discussion Walls, employees can easily interact with the HR team and colleagues without the formalities of corporate emails.

key features include:

  • Zoom integration
  • Live/recorded courses
  • Quizzes
  • Peer Review
  • Discussion  Wall
  • Curriculum Builder
  • Student activity report & analytics
  • 24/7 live support

Teacfloor offers a dual pricing model wherein you get a Pro or Custom plan that can be billed on either a monthly or yearly basis. Moreover, all the plans come with a free one-month trial period for you to test out.

3. Whatfix

Whatfix is a 'digital adoption platform' where corporations and training professionals can create specialized training programs like onboarding, facilitation, and compliance. What makes Whatfix special is the fact that users can use existing software like Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, and Salesforce among others alongside the platform. There is also a self-service knowledge center for learners who wish to practice their skills beyond the programs.

Key features include:

  • No-code course creation
  • Self-service knowledge center
  • User analytics
  • Guided tutorials for course creation
  • Personalized learning tools

Whatfix has personalized pricing to suit the interests of a diverse user pool. Check here to get a quote.

4. LearnUpon

LearnUpon is a tool that helps you grow your business further through the continuous learning of your employees. For this purpose, they allow organizations to create knowledge bases and discussion forums through which employees can seek answers readily for any queries.  They also have an active blog and host webinars to keep HR experts updated on new ways of keeping the employee potential boosted. The platform is also meticulously organized so users can easily maneuver their areas of interest.

Key features include:

  • FAQ forums
  • Customized training environments
  • Analytics reports
  • Software integration freedom
  • Zoom & Microsoft Teams for webinars

LearnUpon offers a variety of pricing options for users, starting from just $699 per month for 50 users.

5. ProProfs

Proprofs is known for its commitment to creating easy-to-use and easy-to-understand softwares for users. As a 'training LMS', Proprofs offers a variety of software tools with which companies can create their custom training programs. They also have live support if creators ever run into technical difficulties. Moreover, their FAQ forum is also an asset for self-learners.

Key features include:

  • Quiz maker
  • Training maker
  • Knowledge base
  • Help desk
  • Picreel popups for sales growth
  • Qualaroo insights

Another feature that makes Proprof stand out is its incredibly affordable pricing. Starting from just $0.25 per month for quizzes and a 15 day free trial period.  

6. Apty

Apty is also a digital adoption platform that provides organizations with tools to create unique training programs, with emphasis on software utility maximization. It offers both a custom demo and a free tutorial to guide users. Apty has two main product programs; SAAS growth catalyst and Enterprise ROI maximizer that help grow your channels and give you expert tips on how to maximize your ROI.

Key features include:

  • Custom in-app content creation
  • Guided demos and tutorials
  • User analytics
  • Multiple domain
  • Multi-language

Apty offers a free plan for up to 45 days and a custom quote for your specialized needs. For more on Apty pricing, check here.

7. Learn AMP

Learn AMP is both an LXP and an LMS professionals' development platform. With its simple and flexible user experience, one can create expert training programs hassle-free. Its 'decentralized learning model' enables people to contribute by adding content with a suite of permission levels. At Learn AMP, the community is prioritized with its peer learning features.

Key features include:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Flexible features
  • Automations to save time
  • Integrations to build tech ecosystems

Learn AMP caters to the special needs of various organizations. You can check their pricing models here for greater clarity.

8. Docebo

Docebo is an AI-based learning suite. That is, it uses AI technology to increase course creation efficiency through automation and help with the development of a better training experience. Moreover, you can get a demo and even a free trial.

Key features include:

  • AI powered software
  • Over 500 integrations
  • Learning analytics
  • Crowsourced eLearning content

For more, check out Docebo's custom pricing here.

9. Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

Adobe captivate prime is a comprehensive learning platform for enterprises that strives to meet the needs of every user. Hence, it gives complete control to its users to deliver personalized learning experiences.  Moreover, it also offers AI-based recommendations for improvements along with a wide array of integrations as well.

Key features include:

  • Leanring path
  • SFDC integration
  • Analytics and my team view
  • Comprehensive tracking
  • Learner transcripts
  • Complaince dashboard

Adobe captivate prime has a $4 per registered learner per month pricing model. Moreover, it also offers a detailed pricing guide for various users. Check here for more.

10. SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is yet another enterprise learning LMS. There are a couple of reasons why you should check it out. Firstly, it offers a free ebook to guide creators and learners. Secondly, it has a huge video library for extra expert guidance to newcomers. Moreover, it also comes with a loaded custom template library for users to choose from.

Key features include:

  • Free ebook and video library
  • Custom templates
  • Embedded AI
  • Gamification
  • Personalized learning flows
  • Automated analytics reports

To request pricing for SAP Litmos, check here.

11. Trainual

Trainual provides an all-rounded HR training tools experience that organizations need. It covers employee training to SOPs and business playbooks. It aspires to make knowledge sharing within companies faster and easier. As a result, they have ensured trackable apps compliant for IOS, Android, PC, etc. Moreover, Trainual also provides its users with an ample supply of templates for designing their corporate training programs.

Key features include:

  • Mobile, computer friendly
  • Multiple software integrations
  • Custom course creation
  • 150+ SOP and Policy templates

Trainaul has three types of pricing plans: Build for $49/mo, Train for $99/mo, and Scale for $199/mo. In summary, follow here for pricing.

12. TalentSoft

TalentSoft is a training and management HR tool offering HCM solutions. Alongside, it helps with improving company performance by internal reporting, employee onboarding, and sourcing. It is specially designed with large international companies in mind but that doesn't mean smaller companies cannot take advantage of its many features.

Key features include:

  • Multiple languages
  • Gamification
  • Live conferencing
  • Blended learning model
  • Mobile and computer friendly
  • Free trail
  • Offers targeted and area-specific solutions

Talentsoft offers custom pricing plans on demand. Follow here to get a price.

13. SkyPrep

SkyPrep has garnered much appreciation over the years for its easy-to-use interface. Besides being user-friendly, it is also versatile, and practical. Moreover, it offers a variety of solutions to all sorts of businesses. In that sense, it is not just another one of your HR training tools but also an LMS with diverse use.  Here, with the help of SCORM, users can apply learning paths to make the most of their existing resources. Additionally, it also offers great security to corporations as they put up their data online making it susceptible to leaks.

Key features include:

  • Domain restriction
  • Login verification
  • Analytics and progress tracking
  • Course creation and selling
  • Auto grading
  • 14 day free trail

SkyPrep offers pricing that is billed annually. Its Lite version is listed for $299/mo, whereas, its Professional version is listed for $599/mo. Moreover, you can get a quote for your custom needs.

14. Lessonly

Lessonly offers multiple hacks for time-saving thanks to its efficient design. Along with that, users can create their own custom courses besides going for the pre-designed templates. Moreover, it is also mobile-friendly. A unique feature about lessonly is that creators can even invite others to create and contribute to their existing courses.

Key features include:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • No lesson limit
  • Course library
  • Learning paths
  • Supports diverse content types and PDF exporting

Lessonly does not disclose their pricing and gives a quote on demand. However, here you can take a demo and reach out for a quote. Moreover, you can even schedule a personalized call with them. Isn't that interesting!

15. eFront

eFront is yet another one of the HR training tools designed with big corporations in mind. It works as a management tool with features for scalability, custom branding, reporting, and user support. Interestingly, it follows a blended learning model that makes for effective training programs. You also have the freedom of utilizing old content or creating a new one.

Key features include:

  • Custom branding
  • Gamification
  • Blended learning
  • Compliance and certification
  • Automated reports
  • eCommerce

eFront has a nuanced solution offering mechanism, from asset type to investor type, and much more. If you wish to get a solution, follow here to get in touch and get a quotation.

So this was our take on the best HR training tools for 2021. Give them a try and don't forget to send us your feedback!Read also: 20 Best Employee Training Templates for Your Next Training Programs

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